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He is a member of Writers Victoria & the WGA (west)... 
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Hours misspent within 
time I forget,
as I watch brilliance 
set on the horizon.
colours per diem change 
hues of red,
set ablaze terra firma to enliven.
Expectedly not by chance,
cyclic rhythm cause to dance,
nightfall is not perchance,
accession encourages 
much romance.
Fought for some brings 
with it fear,
ancestors watchful shed a tear,
yet others act so cavalier,
my heart remains ever so sincere.
For within hours that you sleep,
safe and sound you I will keep,
consciousness voluntarily suspended,
soon the tenebrous will be ended.
For cometh light of the new day,
luminescence in multiple rays,
dissolving obscurity 
along the way,
no more with fears 
shall you pay...
Axiomsense Productions Copyright 2013

The Legendary Score

A look that could bring peace to the Middle East,
a voice of a devil seared 
with a hint of angel,"notorious?" she said with a smile,
so lucky to call you friend,
trusting digits that I can dial.
I meet and greet on a weekly basis,
all manner of entity most often empty,
zero to say, zip to share,
their loss, no doubt,
I make them aware I don't care.
Listening is important,
learning imperative,
I love to hear,
enjoyable, enlightening narrative.
Until next we speak,
I cannot wait,
Facebook and posts,
are kind of neat.
Messy too, cluttered with tripe,
most quotes and pictures over ripe,
rather enjoy a streak over a strike,
it’s a big decision to click the like.
With you it isn't,
a nickname I've appointed to you,
really though,
Only an axiom, story true...

Axiomsense Productions Copyright 2013
Learn Me

I see two rings around my toe,
If revealing, prepared to show.
I will take your upper lip,
make you quiver 
licking off the tip,
fingers tie the knot, then a bow.
Try the latest flavor in Town?
Queens, kings and royalty, many 
you can own.
You are denied a sudden dash,
until this whip begins to lash,
signal flair will flash the sky 
when I am grown.
There are things I really 
want to tell you.
All I ever wanted was 
to smell you.
In my restoring shades of black,
returning almanac,
records underwriter remain true.
I've lived a million lives, 
a million journeys,
They've wheeled me out on rickshaws, barrows and gurneys,
waiting for your thought,
regarding bought, 
sold or sought.
Axiomsense Productions Copyright 2013

Seventh Year

Far too long we’d been 
locked away,
craving the feeling of apricity,
the raw emotion from that special someone,
eluding my grasp, dodging necessity.

My love, my life, now I 
know you so well,
though it wasn't 
always this way,
a learning curve 
three lifetimes over,
my heart never, would you stray.

Each and every day, 
that passes us by,
I still long and hope, 
for your touch,
understanding that this is 
difficult for you,
though to me it would, 
affect so much.

A point in time, 
with a different perspective,
monsterful time I will 
entrust, oh,
we never know, 
we might reach our objective,
a glance to me, 
and you’ll run with gusto...

Axiomsense Productions Copyright 2014